Ready To Leave Advertising For Silicon?

If you are ready to leave advertising for what might appear to be greener silicon valley or alley pastures*… Here are some places that might be looking for you and their recruitment tag lines. These lines are actually quite effective (except for Walmart’s which is _____, well, you fill in the blank.)

Take one of the tag lines before getting on New York’s 7 train to battle with your clients.

Hmm. I wouldn’t have thought that these guys would have such good copywriting. But, then again, they can afford good writing.
*Note about greener pastures. My old friend Michael Keeshan used to tell employees that were leaving his agency that “the grass is just as shit brown on the other side of the fence.” Or as my more yoga-style friends like to say: “wherever you go, there you are.” But, Google does have nice buses when its neighbors are not beating them with baseball bats.

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