Random Marketing And Advertising Resources

How do you know that Google is working for your company – as in SEO? Here are some random marketing and advertising resources that make me feel that Google loves me.

Ok, wait. I do know that Google loves me just by looking at my Google Analytics. The other way I know is that I get qualified leads. Plus, lots of incoming from companies looking to have me put links to their websites from my Agency Resources page. They would not find me if they did not do their own Google searches. So, to move fast to help them, more so you and a little bit me, here are some new resources for you.

A Marketing Point

A pre-point… I have a very well-read Advertising Agency Resources page as well as a few blog posts about resources. This drives traffic to me. Driving traffic is a good thing. The following companies do just that with their tools. I think, understatement coming, more agencies should develop some tools. How do your clients find you?

The Random Marketing And Advertising Resources

Business Name Generator: Chris from The Really Useful Information Company sent this business name generator. This tool works, is fun to play with and grows The Really Useful Information Company… and make some bucks from referrals to GoDaddy.

Business Plan Template: Bridget from Growthink.com sent this handy business plan guide. Why is this important? Important that the great majority of advertising agencies do not have an active business plan. I’m not talking business development plan. I’m talking having a go-to-market business plan.

Airtasker: Roy from Airtasker helps you find people who will do tasks for you. I’m thinking that this is very UK and Australia centric. But, hey, give it a go wherever you are.

Convertica: Kurt turned me on to Convertica that says “Convertica are the done-for-you conversion rate optimization specialists that allow you to maximize revenue from the same search engine rankings or paid advertising campaigns on your Affiliate, Lead Generation or eCommerce website.”

LinkedIn Marketing Guide: Miles from Wisconsin’s Imaginaisium ad agency produced this guide to LinkedIn marketing. Since advertising agencies come to me to help them with their marketing, why would I include someone else’s LinkedIn guide?  1) Because it looks good; 2) because you probably should read it.

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