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I am talking with one of my clients about an agency positioning that positions them as an expert on emotional marketing. As in, the agency is an expert at triggering an emotional response in the consumer. Yes, they have the right chops for this. And, they live in the right country. And, clients, well some, Ok some, understand the emotional vs. the uber rational sell. Kiss me and I’m all yours.

As such, I am sensitized to emotional pitches these days. Here are two examples of emotional marketing in action. One is a movie trailer (from the great Spike Jonze) and the other a Google Nexus website and really sweet video (a really sweet story.)

Why is Google’s advertising getting so much better than Apple’s?

Nexus 7   Google

Here is the Nexus website. Watch the video.




I did some personal math the other day. I’ve been positioning agency’s for over 25 years. I’ve got another 13 really smart positionings up my sleeve. If you are interested in separating your agency from the pack, start here

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  1. I used to preach emotional marketing back when I was doing affiliate stuff with CPA companies before I was old enough to sign up for the companies so I was receiving the checks in my moms name lol. Awesome read!

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