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Resources: Now What? Life After Advertising

Is There Life After Advertising? Some Resources. Yes, there is life after advertising. Since you will most likely age out of this business by 45 (no, I do not have any stats to support this), it might be a good idea to start to think about what else to do. Me? I became, surprise, a […]

Little Bird Marketing Kicks Ass

I apologize for saying this. It sure seems to me that a lot of advertising agencies are on their back foot. They are in de-accelerate mode. That means it is a great time to accelerate your business development program. There is a gap. Take advantage. Fill it. Juice it up. This post is about how […]

Random Marketing And Advertising Resources

How do you know that Google is working for your company – as in SEO? Here are some random marketing and advertising resources that make me feel that Google loves me. Ok, wait. I do know that Google loves me just by looking at my Google Analytics. The other way I know is that I […]

Advertising Agency Podcast Guide

I have been working on a new advertising podcast. So, why not create a quick advertising agency podcast guide based on my research? Here you go. FYI: My last podcast series which, I did for my own Portland Oregon agency, faded away in 2008. Ya think I was too early for the podcast market? My […]

The Basics: An Advertising Agency New Business Plan 

Your 2020 Advertising Agency New Business Plan I admit it. I am going to repeat myself (you’ll know it if you’ve read some of my 600+ blog posts). The marketing communications service industry must have a solid advertising agency new business plan to survive in today’s disrupted and lower margin marketing world. Wha? Agencies do […]