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Are There Too Many Advertising Agencies?

Lots. Like, Um, Too Many. So… How many advertising agencies are there? OK, it is a bit impossible to count them all – and I am talking essentially every type of agency from Ogilvy down to your ex-Creative Director that does what he used to do for you but now he works (at a lower […]

Freelance Advertising Art Design Video Illustration Photography Photoshop Assistant Resources

7 Advertising Agency Freelance Resources Here is a list of advertising agency freelance resources. I’d bet that every advertising agency uses freelance talent to supplement their staff. These resources include art direction, copyrighting, design, video production, Illustration, and photography – oh, and management services. This is a list to get you to people that you […]

The Advertising Agency Of The Future

What Does The Advertising Agency Of The Future Look Like? How About Your Agency? The advertising agency of the future needs some serious planning and agility. No surprise here. But, what is surprising to me is the lack of attention paid to how to craft an advertising agency for the future. Just for the hell […]

Three Powerful Advertising Agency Quotes

Here Are Three Advertising Agency Quotes To Help You Focus On Business Development Mario Andretti The first quote is from Mario Andretti. Andretti won races in Formula 1 (a world champion), NASCAR, IndyCar (three-time champion), and World Sportscar Championship. This is a serious dude. The quote is intended to kick you in your ass. “If […]

Advertising Agency Outsourcing: An Opportunity and… New Competition

I wrote this post about advertising agency outsourcing seven years ago. I am resurrecting it for a couple of reasons. First, the use of outsourced freelance talent, as in not full-time employees (FTE), is a solid part of running a 2020 agency in a world of business uncertainty: Will I win that new client? Will […]