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The Secrets of Advertising Agency Business Development

The Not So Secrets of Advertising Agency Business Development Do you think that advertising agency business development is hard? Try getting featured on Spotify or on stage at Coachella or Carnegie Hall. OK, so how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Well, you know the answer: Practice, Practice, Practice. That really means having objectives, strategies, […]

What Do Advertising Clients Want? I Asked A Real Mad Men Man

I asked a real Mad Men man, a senior exec at the Association of National Advertisers, and a long-time playa in the industry, about the current state of the advertising industry. Most importantly, “what do advertising clients want?” Here are some answers that should be digested and could impact your agency’s business strategy no matter […]

I Need Friends In India – Can You Help

I am a solo traveler in India from December 31 through January 30. It is a part business, pleasure and photography trip. Photography wise, I’ll be shooting the next series for my 7 continent ethnographic photography series. I shoot selected people on the street using a portable white background. Go here to see the work […]

Seven Powerful Ideas To Help You Attract That Desirable Advertising Agency Client

Imagine that you are a desirable advertising agency client. The desirable (to me) client = has a decent budget; respects marketing and what my agency could do for them; has a famous name and are nice people (If I got three out of four of these attributes I was usually happy. My client Nike got […]

Fire Your Advertising Copywriter

Is it time to fire your advertising copywriter? OK, I am just kidding. I like copywriters. In fact, many of my best friends are copywriters. OK, OK. I recently played with an AI writing tool called Talk To A Transformer. From the website: Built by Adam King (@adamdanielking) as an easier way to play with […]