Yearly Archives: 2014

Ogilvy & Mather UK : Gets It!

Ogilvy & Mather UK : Gets It! Too many advertising agencies are afraid to say “sales”. Here’s my take on getting it ‘getting it on’ on LinkedIn. Visit Ogilvy’s quick take… But, don’t blink!             Thinking about that very special someone? You know, your agency’s CEO? What to give them for Xmas??? How […]

Easy Video Marketing

You Use Video Marketing On Your Website. True? Here is a great video marketing infographic from Wideo… Who is that? Here is what they say: Make and share awesome videos online Start from scratch or use our awesome, easy to edit templates to capture your audience and bring your brand to life. Now go forth […]

Ginger Baker Rules Rock (Um, Jazz) Drums

Look, Ads Are Wonderful, But Be Dazzled By Ginger Baker I’ve been checking out the blog The Curious Brain… it reminds me that music rocks. Go there. So ya know that Ginger Baker is the man right? If you say ‘Who is Ginger Baker?’ Shame people. He is more interesting that Dave Droga. Watch this movie. […]

The Video: How To Write An Advertising Agency Book

My HubSpot Inbound Conference Video: “The Advertising Agency Book – From Idea To Publication in 6 Months” Here is a video of the talk I gave at HubSpot’s Inbound 2014 conference. Watch my presentation to find out how to write an advertising agency book by mid 2015. Yes, you can do it. The video will show you how to get a […]

Why Clients Fire Advertising Agencies

Why Do Clients Fire Advertising Agencies? Take a read of the SoDA Report below which includes an expert opinion on the subject of why clients fire their agencies and other subjects that will help you keep your clients happy and make you smarter than the agency next door. Oh, why do advertising and digital agencies get hired and fired? […]