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My 2 Favorite Advertising Agency New Business Quotes

“If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.” Mario Andretti My take: It is OK to drive past your comfort zone. In fact, you won’t win without doing it. “If you dislike change, you’re going to dislike irrelevance even more.” General Eric Shinseki My take: Advertising, PR, digital and mobile marketing is […]

Steve Jobs & The Macintosh Were, Um, Cool

I bought my first Macintosh computer from Steve Jobs in 1984. It was um, cool. I just found this video of Steve Jobs introducing the Mac. He was, um, cool too. But, you know that. So, this is just a reminder. Here is what the Smithsonian had to say about the introduction: Nearly thirty years […]

11 Must Have Ad Agency Business Development Tools

11 Must Have Ad Agency Business Development Tools Consistency, actually the lack of it, is one of the most pressing issues that reduces the effectiveness of most advertising agency new business programs. So… Here are some ad agency business development tools that I recommend to keep your agency’s new business and content development program on track. (Tweet this.) […]

Why Advertising Agencies Don’t Win New Business

OK, Why Don’t Advertising Agencies Win New Business? Advertising agencies don’t win new business on a consistent basis for many reasons. No huge news here. But, there are a few core reasons that are so obvious that I just don’t understand why so many agencies make these mistakes. For the sake of Christmas Eve brevity, I […]

The Very Merry Advertising Christmas Gift

The Very Merry Advertising Book Christmas Gift I recently had one of the best known people in the advertising industry tell me that I might just be over promoting my book on pitching. I went, um, really? But, I did take note because he does know his advertising stuff. So, that said…. Buy My Book […]