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I have been working on a new advertising podcast. So, why not create a quick advertising agency podcast guide based on my research? Here you go.

FYI: My last podcast series which, I did for my own Portland Oregon agency, faded away in 2008. Ya think I was too early for the podcast market?

My new podcast should launch in the very near future. The podcast is designed to be entertaining and filled with teachable moments. The keyword is entertaining. Entertaining for you advertising and marketing folks – and, frankly, anyone that just like a good story from the good old days. Stay tuned for it. 

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A Quick – Advertising Agency Podcast Guide

There are 213,000 results for the Google search “Podcast Guide” so I am not going into big detail here. I’ll just point you to some of my thinking and the resources I’ve found.

Podcast Objectives

I am moving my content plan into podcasting because:

  • Podcasting listenership is growing. A quote from Podcast News Daily, “The podcast listening recovery continues, according to the latest data from Podtrac. It shows the number of Americans who consumed a podcast last week increased 2% for a second consecutive week. The number of podcast downloads held steady too, which together suggest the disruption to media habits caused by the coronavirus stay-at-home orders are beginning to fade. And Podtrac says year-to-date download growth since the first week of January is up 25%.”
  • There are simply too many blogs. I feel like a well-read blog like mine is getting a tad drowned out.
  • The majority of advertising related podcasts are either news or are not very entertaining as they all discuss tactics. Similar tactics that I can find in multiple places. Also, they are a bit yappy. Yes, I listen to many. But, I see a gap in the market.
  • Importantly — People absorb information differently. Some read, some watch (as in the underutilized world of advertising agency videos) and some like to listen. I need to cover more bases.

Creating the podcast is all about marketing my business. I have a clear objective. In my case, I am going to build a podcast that directly supports my advertising agency consultation business. The podcast series will drive interest, awareness and will move people to this website.

My podcast will be different.

My ‘primary’ target market is any advertising agency manager that needs help in building a sophisticated business development plan. I say primary because my podcast will not be another how-to-do content marketing. It should, in fact, be of interest to anyone into the world of advertising. Even your mom.

Advertising Agency Podcast Guide – Quick Details

The Show: I am aiming to keep the podcast relatively short; I’ll do both me-speak and interviews; I’ve got a list of potential guests and subjects (based on my experience, discussions with my ad agency clients, and friends, Google Trends, and keyword searches).

Equipment: I bought an Audio Technica ATR-2100 mic; a desk stand and a boom (I am using the desk stand because of how the edge of my desk is built); a pop filter and a shock mount. All for under $200.

Information: I have a podcast title that is descriptive and will resonate with my audience; the subtitle adds to the mix and there is an intro paragraph that supports the podcast listing and should generate interest. I’ve got 7 smart SEO-related keywords; I’ll create artwork that is easy to ‘read’ and is designed to stand out on podcast sites. I did that for my book, so it stands out on Amazon and a bookshelf. You can see what I mean… The Levitan Pitch. Buy This Book. Win More Pitches.

Recording: I am using Apple’s Garageband. I’ll offer my interview guests the choice of their using either Zoom or Skype. Both record on two tracks.

Hosting: I will initially validate via iTunes. It will act as a test platform. Podcast hosting options (podcast hosts are where your podcast will live, where you manage your information and they interface with and publish to podcast players like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and the player I use… Pocket Casts). My choice for podcast host? I am going to use Libsyn. It is the biggest, oldest, and most famous host. I will go for the $15 package since this one includes statistics. Other hosting options include Buzzsprout; Captivate; Blubrry; Anchor. Your decision will depend on your specific needs and budget.

Interviews: I will have a set of emails that I will use to invite interviews to participate and then mage the process. I’ll go from invitation to show set up to thank you and then please share. Interviewees are an integral element in my marketing plan. Word of mouth, baby!

My website: Each show will have its own blog post including show notes and an embedded media player. Many people listen to podcasts directly in a website player. I’ll SEO the heck out of each show  — as Google now loves podcasts.

Transcript: Each podcast will have an accompanying transcript. Transcription options include, Overcast, CastBox, and

Marketing: In addition to word of mouth, I will alert my email list; LinkedIn followers and groups; Twitter followers and will do some direct marketing to advertising world influencers. I will wait till a have 3 to 5 podcasts in the can. There is no perfect number.

Video: I’ll test the use of the Headliner video creation tool. As they say, “Easily create videos to promote your podcast, radio show or blog. Share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, and anywhere video lives.”

I Think That That Just About Covers The Essentials In My Advertising Agency Podcast Guide

Of course, you will hear about the podcast when it launches. Again, go up to the rail and sign up for my newsletter. 3,000 of your agency buddies have already signed up.

Let me know if you are thinking about podcasting and any insights that you want to discuss or have to offer.

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