Is Your Advertising Agency New Business Invisible?

Are Your New Business Programs Invisible?

How do your future clients find you… or not? Here are 28 rather basic questions you should be asking yourself — often:

  1. Are you on page one of a logical Google search? For example: “advertising agency Seattle” or “pinterest expert social media agency or “ping pong app developer”?
  2. Are you working really hard at managing your website’s SEO program?
  3. Ever buy a Google ad? Know about this guy and his Google Job Experiment? Why not copy his idea?
  4. How often do you blog post? Are some posts +1,000 words?
  5. Are your blog posts targeted to the clients you want? Or, the Creative Director at 72andSunny?
  6. Do you have an editorial calendar (and clear objectives?)
  7. Ever guest blog to grow agency awareness? I do.
  8. Do you practice serious thought-leadership?
  9. Do you repurpose your content across all of your social media channels?
  10. Is your LinkedIn corporate page updated on a regular basis?
  11. How frequently do you use LinkedIn’s very targetable sponsored updates or ads?
  12. How often do you Tweet?
  13. What do you Tweet about? Will your future clients ever see these?
  14. Do you use Twitter’s advertising tools to reach your prospects? You know that you can target your competitor’s Followers, right?
  15. Ever consider the strategic power of visual social media like Instagram or Pinterest?
  16. Do you have an agency YouTube video channel? Do you optimize it?
  17. Do you have enlightened agency informational videos or just examples of your work?
  18. If you use Facebook for your B2B marketing, do you know why?
  19. Do you use smart social media tools like this list of 61 from Buffer.
  20. Do you actively reach out to your prospects on a regular basis? Example: do you have a monthly agency newsletter that is aimed at your most wanted clients or categories?
  21. What do you learn (at least every week) from your Google analytics?
  22. An easy one. Is your website responsive?
  23. Ever run a webinar?
  24. Do you speak at client (no, not agency) events and conferences?
  25. Ever run your own micro-super-well-targeted event?
  26. Can your CEO talk intelligently about social media?
  27. Do you read smart industry blogs like this library from Hubspot?
  28. Are you in this advertising agency directory?

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