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Forbes Tries To Stop My Use Of AdBlock

Forbes Does Not Want Me To ‘Continue’ Or… Let The AdBlock War Begin Interesting find in what I think is the most intriguing thing going on in the world of advertising (OK, one of them.) Ta Da…. Ad Blocking. Some data from PageFair’s 2015 report on ad blocking. Ad blocking estimated to cost publishers nearly […]

It Might Be Time To Start Your Own Ad Agency

Yes Folks, You Can Start Your Ad Agency – And Succeed Great article in the U.K.’s The Drum from London Advertising’s CEO Michael Moszyinski on what might just happen if you bailed from your ad agency and decided to go out on your own. Sure, it’s scary. Sure, you might not succeed. Sure you are […]

The Real Power Of Video

The Power of The Advertising Agency Video Putting a video on your website will increase your odds of selling your advertising agency’s services. I’d like to think that most agencies get this. But, not all do. Here are some compelling stats to help you make sure that you use the power of video on your […]

Overdone Ad Agency Design Fries My Brain

Overdone Ad Agency Design Fries My Brain I spend a lot of time looking at ad agency websites. I even have a Pinterest website that includes many (that’s it on the left.) Soooo many are overblown, over baked, over jam-packed with copy and images. These websites also sound alike with about, work, process (‘our agency’s […]

Ad Agency Videos: A Series

Ad Agency Videos: Humor Sells Videos are everywhere. The increasing use of videos for marketing is well known. The power of videos to tell stories is well known. Agencies discuss the power of video everyday. However, few agencies actually use video power in their own business development marketing. In an effort to stimulate the use […]