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Ad Agency Business Development Trick

My Business Development Trick Interview I have a business development trick I use when working with my ad agency clients. It’s my easiest and yet most beneficial trick. After some highly intelligent blabbing, I point “my” agencies to a set of benchmark agencies that are directly relevant to my customized business development plan recommendations. These benchmark […]

Is Your Ad Agency Special?

The “Special” Ad Agency Wins I’ve written about the need for creating ad agency differentiation if an agency wants to excite and win new clients… (I know, I know, you know that I know that you know how important having an agency  positioning that stands out is.) But, most agencies do not seek a high degree of […]

Forbes Tries To Stop My Use Of AdBlock

Forbes Does Not Want Me To ‘Continue’ Or… Let The AdBlock War Begin Interesting find in what I think is the most intriguing thing going on in the world of advertising (OK, one of them.) Ta Da…. Ad Blocking. Some data from PageFair’s 2015 report on ad blocking. Ad blocking estimated to cost publishers nearly […]

It Might Be Time To Start Your Own Ad Agency

Yes Folks, You Can Start Your Ad Agency – And Succeed Great article in the U.K.’s The Drum from London Advertising’s CEO Michael Moszyinski on what might just happen if you bailed from your ad agency and decided to go out on your own. Sure, it’s scary. Sure, you might not succeed. Sure you are […]

The Real Power Of Video

The Power of The Advertising Agency Video Putting a video on your website will increase your odds of selling your advertising agency’s services. I’d like to think that most agencies get this. But, not all do. Here are some compelling stats to help you make sure that you use the power of video on your […]