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How John Oliver Became One Of The Few Fantasy Sports Winners

Fantasy Sports and John Oliver’s Daily Fantasy Sports Commercial: Yes You Can Be A Winner You know fantasy sports is gambling and that’s why it’s actually illegal, for really stupid bored people who like to lose (and gamble), is addictive and has gotten virtually every major media and sports company to invest. I’d say ,”go figure” […]

From ADWEEK: Is TV Dead? (Um, Seems So)

Guess ya just gotta try to sell some advertising magazines. Case in point… “Is TV Dead” care of ADWEEK. But… ADWEEK is correcto. Its a slow death, but a death nonetheless. No real surprise, we are shifting from watching the big box to watching TV shows, movies and videos on the Internet and mobile devices. […]

Total Media Spending Going Up

A good thing… marketing budgets are going up. Highlights: TV remains king. Digital growing by more than $5 billion per year. Mobile expected to grow by $22.6 billion in next 4 years. And, surprisingly, print holds steady.  

The Best Beer TV Commercial, Ever?

Is this the best beer TV commercial? Like ever? Its from Colenso BBDO in Auckland (that’s New Zealand to my geo-challenged American friends.)