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Nootropics, Brain Food For Advertising

Nootropics And Advertising Remember the movie Limitless and the little clear pill NZT that turned Bradley Cooper into a raging genius? He had entered the new world of nootropics. Read on. Today is Day One of my Nootrobox test. My “NZT” test. Nootrobox is a nootropics or “smart drugs” company. I hear you saying, “Nootropics?” Here’s […]

Marketing Tool Generators

8 Marketing Tool Generators A few years ago, my agency Citrus used a ‘sign’ to help us win the LegalZoom account. The Photoshopped sign illustrated how much Americans waste on legal fees. That’s it on the left. You too can use a sign to win an account. And, good news, you can use a sign generator […]

The Big Advertising Agency Resource List

Advertising Agency Resource List  My advertising agency resource list is curated to help advertising, digital, design and PR agencies easily find the inspiration and resources that will help y’all build killer agencies and careers. The Resources… Advertising Agency News Sites Ad Agency Directories Top Advertising Blogs Favorite Social Media Tools Video Marketing Tools & Information […]

Resources: Now What? Life After Advertising

Is There Life After Advertising? Yes, there is life after advertising. Since you will most likely age out of this business by 45, it might be a good idea to start to think about what else to do. I became, surprise, a business development consultant for aspiring advertising agencies. I spend about a third of […]

Resources: Legal Advice For Advertising Agencies

Easy Advertising Online Legal Resources Lawyers cost money. Yes, this is way true. And, advertising agencies need lawyers. But, before you make that $300+ call, here are some websites to head to before you start down the per hour rat hole. Agency Legal Protection. Sharon Toerek answers important legal questions like this: “What should we do to […]