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Stuff’s Happening

Time Keeps On Ticking Some things on my plate. Just thought I’d share them to get out a quick personal update. I am now into my 8th month of living in Mexico. This was a great decision and great timing! I am in the process of writing a long(ish) blog post on lead generation -> lead nurturing -> pitching […]

Wednesday Photo

My Wednesday Photo This week’s Wednesday Photo is from a trip I made to Vietnam a couple of years ago. I occasionally travel with a photojournalist buddy who, to put it mildly, inspires me. The photo below was shot on Hanoi’s Long Biên Bridge which was built in 1899-1902 by the architects Daydé & Pillé […]

My Wednesday Photograph (A Bit Late)

New Mexican Photographs Every Wednesday (sort of), I am putting up a couple of photos from my history. These are iPhone shots from a random walk through my town, San Miguel de Allende. Not sure why these kids were sitting up in a flatbed truck. But, seeing them helped me to feel closer to heaven.

My Wednesday Photograph

The Wednesday Photograph A funny thing happens when you run a blog. You find out that you have to feed it as if it was a pet. No food, no life. In the blog’s case, no content (copy, videos, photographs), no Google love. Google love is my primary business development tool. Most of my ad […]

Put The iPhone Camera Down

Martin Parr Does Not Use An iPhone Do you know Martin’s work? You should. From LensCulture: I accept that all photography is voyeuristic and exploitative, and obviously I live with my own guilt and conscience. — Martin Parr Martin Parr deliberately directs his camera at the unspectacular, the commonplace, the normal, at things that at […]