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My Wednesday Photograph

The Wednesday Photograph A funny thing happens when you run a blog. You find out that you have to feed it as if it was a pet. No food, no life. In the blog’s case, no content (copy, videos, photographs), no Google love. Google love is my primary business development tool. Most of my ad […]

Gary Vaynerchuck And His ANA Advertising Rant

Gary Vaynerchuck Tells It Like It Is I have written about Gary Vaynerchuck and his take on advertising and the industry twice before. Both positive and negative. Gary Vaynerchuck Is Full Of Shit Gary Vaynerchuck: Old School Advertising Agency CEO Today, I’d like to respond to his ‘rant’ (according to Advertising Age) on the advertising […]

Two Advertising Agency & Client Chemistry Strategies

Two Advertising Agency Chemistry Strategies I have been focused on the idea that interpersonal chemistry is one of the most important decision-making criteria that a client uses when selecting an advertising agency. I also think KNOW that chemistry can be massaged and managed. In fact, if you want to win, you better work on releasing those […]

Moving To Mexico

Si, I Moved To Mexico The post below was written when I first moved to Mexico. I’ll keep it intact to keep Google happy. I am now 14 months in. I built a house, am maintaining my global advertising agency consultancy and am way into a major photography project. I am convinced I made the […]

How To Make Thought Leadership Easy

Easier Thought Leadership Yes, that’s Seth Godin to your left. He has been a master thought leader since the mid-1990’s. He has made a lot of money doing that by being opinionated, smart, a prolific writer and global speaker. A serious thought leader. You can do it (well a form of it) too. Here’s a […]