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Smarter Advertising Agency Business Development

How To Build A Better, Smarter Advertising Agency Business Development Program WARNING: This is a long blog post about how to build a better, smarter advertising agency. Actually, this is Part One of an even longer post. It is a looong post for a couple of reasons. This is a transcript of a 40-minute interview […]

How To Make More Money

How To Make More Money. Or, The Most Valuable Lessons I learned While Running Internet Startups and Advertising Agencies Ah, make more money. A quick story. I was once in a cooking class in Chang Mai Thailand. One of the very funny chefs told us that she could charge more for her stir fries if she cut […]

How To Build A Client Prospect list

The Ad Agency Client Prospect List I am a card carrying inbound marketer. Most of my advertising agency clients come to me via my inbound efforts that include some decent SEO, lots of informative blog posts and SMM (Social Media Manipulation – take that S&M). This is most likely how you found this website. However, […]

Top Advertising And Design Awards

A Nice List Of Advertising Awards & Why They Should be Part Of Your Business Development Program Winning the right advertising awards is good for business and agency and client morale. Just make sure you know why you are entering. Too many agencies don’t approach the award process with a plan or objectives beyond the […]

Resources: Top 10 Twitter Tools For Ad Agencies

Top 10 Twitter Tools And Tips For Ad Agencies (OK, Everyone) I know from working with a wide range of advertising and digital agencies that Twitter can work very hard for B2B ad agency new business marketing. However, trying to run a 24/7 Twitter program that uses best practices to achieve an agency’s goals can […]