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The Art Of Personal Branding

A How To – Personal Branding Is A Fine Art Warning, it will take you close to 500 words to actually get to my main point about the art of personal branding and a great example of How To. So, if you want, skip ahead. However, if you need a bit of branding history, don’t […]

Ad Agency Business Development Trick

My Business Development Trick Interview I have a business development trick I use when working with my ad agency clients. It’s my easiest and yet most beneficial trick. After some highly intelligent blabbing, I point “my” agencies to a set of benchmark agencies that are directly relevant to my customized business development plan recommendations. These benchmark […]

Gary Vaynerchuck And His ANA Advertising Rant

Gary Vaynerchuck Tells It Like It Is I have written about Gary Vaynerchuck and his take on advertising and the industry twice before. Both positive and negative. Gary Vaynerchuck Is Full Of Shit Gary Vaynerchuck: Old School Advertising Agency CEO Today, I’d like to respond to his ‘rant’ (according to Advertising Age) on the advertising […]

How To Make More Money

How To Make More Money. Or, The Most Valuable Lessons I learned While Running Internet Startups and Advertising Agencies Ah, make more money. A quick story. I was once in a cooking class in Chang Mai Thailand. One of the very funny chefs told us that she could charge more for her stir fries if she cut […]

How NOT To Build A Winning Advertising Agency New Business Program

How Not To Win While Losing A friend in advertising sent me the following email. I’ll follow it with some thoughts. I removed names to protect the innocent (actually, not so innocent). “I read your long blog post, “How to Build A Winning Advertising Agency New Business Program“. Every sentence is worthwhile. I did new business at […]