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How NOT To Build A Winning Advertising Agency New Business Program

How Not To Win While Losing A friend in advertising sent me the following email. I’ll follow it with some thoughts. I removed names to protect the innocent (actually, not so innocent). “I read your long blog post, “How to Build A Winning Advertising Agency New Business Program“. Every sentence is worthwhile. I did new business at […]

Watch This Amazing Steve Jobs Talk On Advertising

I Thought That I Was Way Tired Of Steve Jobs And The Glory Days Of Apple Advertising But… I took a re-look at Apple’s 1997 Think Different TV commercial. You’ve seen it. Watch it again, please. Ads like this are why experienced advertising people from the olden days can (I stress “can”) get real sick […]

The 4 Worst Habits Of Advertising Agency Sales

The 4 Worst Habits Of Advertising Agency Sales Yes, just 4 worst bad sales habits. After a few years of digging deep into the business development plans and the daily habits of a range of advertising, PR, design and digital agencies, a few common bad habits rear their heads all too often. Here are what I think are the […]

Top 11 Marketing Podcasts

My Favorite 11 Marketing Podcasts This blog post is the latest installment of my growing Advertising Agency Resources list. I’ll get to the Top 11 essential marketing podcasts below. But, first, a bit of my personal podcasting history. I’ve been hot – then cold – then hot on this subject. I was early into the podcasting […]

What Does Your Advertising Agency Charge?

What Does Your Advertising Agency Charge? There, I’ve said it twice. Why? Because if you are an agency owner or partner or business development director or creative director and you have no clue how to charge for your advertising agency’s services, you are way screwed my friend. As an agency owner and CEO, I participated in […]