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Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

Guess What… Search Engine Optimization Does Work The chart above is from WordPress analytics on the source of my incoming traffic. Yup, Search Engine Optimization works. Just look at all the traffic I get from search engines. And, note how many searches come from just Google. In one month… 2,538! When I ask agencies that […]

Chatbots and Your Advertising Agency

Chatbots, Bots, Guest Posting and Your Advertising Agency Check out my article Why Bots Are the Next Big Frontier for Agencies that was posted this morning on HubSpot’s marketing blog. The article discusses my views on the power of Chatbots, the looming opportunity for advertising agencies to get on this bandwagon and my personal experience running […]

My 500th & Most Valuable Advertising Blog Post About Saatchi

Wowzer – This Is My 500th Blog Post I  started blogging a few years ago to help promote my ad agency Citrus. We were early and, I have to admit, the blog world was a bit less crowded in the mid-2000’s. Today with over 3,000 marketing services blogs, agency blogs have to work a lot harder […]

A Massive Ad Agency Blog Fail

There is no question that advertising, digital and PR agencies that have sound blog strategies attract (attract!) the type of clients that they want to their websites. Obviously, starting with clear blog objectives and an understanding of viewer personas is key. However, even with the right intentions, agencies can still fail big time. A Massive […]

5 Things Ad Agency CEO’S Need To Do

Just 5 Things (To Start) A few years ago, long after Google’s AdWords started to eat ad dollars, I asked a few ad agency CEO’s if they had ever placed an online Google ad. The unanimous answer was… no. Two nights ago, I asked a similar group if they had ever used a CMS tool […]