Updated Big Advertising Resources List

Here’s An Updated Big Advertising Resources List

Hi, just wanted you to see that I added a few new links to my Big Advertising Resources List. You’ve used the list before, correcto?

The Updates

  • 13 Creative Ways To Find Blog Post Ideas. Super smart list from Authority Hacker. This will help you find new and exciting blog ideas. Frankly, it isn’t that easy to keep being super fresh, interesting and high value when you have zillions of earlier blog posts. Authority Hacker will help make that job a lot easier.
  • Canva. A free tool that makes it easy to create custom graphics to go with your social media posts. I love this.
  • Engagio. Want to grow your advertising agency? Engagio’s Account Based marketing will tell you how to do that. OK, here’s the drill. if you know what clients you want for your advertising agency then go get them. Engagio will tell you how to do that. I call it Super Smart Sales Pressure or SSSP.
  • An in-depth Entrepreneurship and Small Business Resource Guide from Job Hero. A BIG list.

Hope you enjoy the big list and get smarter, better, more good looking.


A Marketing Email Program With Personality

Yup, Your Email Program Can Have Personality

Boring is bad. Personality is good.

Me-Too is bad. Different is good.

Getting unsubscribed sucks.

How many marketing or information emails do you get? I get a lot. To be clear, I am talking about both direct marketing emails (the unsolicited kind) and email newsletters that I have subscribed to. In both cases, I am a hell of a lot more interested if the email has some personality. Most don’t. Which brings me to The Hustle.

Hustle On Brothers and Sisters

Below is the copy from a ‘Thank You For Subscribing” email that I got from the HUSTLE. As the Hustlers say:

Your smart, good looking friend that sends you an email each morning with all the tech and business news you need to know for the day.

I urge you to go through the entire sign up process (don’t worry, it is easy.)


Want More Of Not Boring?

the HUSTLE doesn’t stop at just sending you your daily email. They want you to refer friends.  Below, again, is what their website page looks like after you’ve subscribed. The copy is below the image.

A question, do you add a refer your friends to your agency emails? You should.

OK, before I leave you, my point is that even a simple email system can have personality.

Be not bland my friends.

The website referral page copy:

I used to read the news, but let’s be honest: that crap is dry and you only read it because you feel kinda like you should if you want to be a “good” adult. If you want a quick, blah-blah-blah sounding scoop on big world news today, your robot pal Alexa or the New York Times app can do that for you in a jiffy. But for a daily news email that’s funnier, punnier, less political, more relevant, and 200% guaranteed to make you sound more interesting at dinner parties and/or during Tinder dates, you HAVE to get on board with The Hustle. Like, now. Sign up today and tell me I’m right tomorrow.


How To Start, Grow and Sell An Advertising Agency

How To Start, Grow and Sell An Advertising Agency

I’ve been consulting with advertising agencies on how to grow their business for the past five years. It is rather fulfilling and fun. In fact, one of my agency clients just told me that they won a major piece of business from Google. I love hearing things like that. I love thinking that I might have played even a very minor role in the agency’s success. Who wouldn’t?

Back to “How To Start, Grow and Sell An Advertising Agency.” Having run my business development business for five years, I am beginning to see a cyclical pattern. My incoming (which for any of you considering consulting, is fairly steady due to my high-level position on Google and personal brand awareness that comes from sales of my book – buy it!) starts to slow down a bit for six to eight weeks around the beginning of November. I must assume that this is because of the impending holiday season – which is nuts because this is exactly the time to build that kick-ass sales program.

I’ll use some of my extra time to answer the three most important questions that agency managers ask me every week.

  1. What is the best way to grow my advertising agency?
  2. What is the best way to start an advertising agency?
  3. How can I sell my advertising agency?

First, a definition. While I work with digital, PR, hybrid, experiential and other forms of agencies, I use the generic term advertising agency because “advertising” is still the universal term for marketing communications agencies. It is also the term that clients, and other industry people, search. This is a look at a couple of marketing communications search terms from Google. They are ‘Advertising Agency, ‘Digital Agency’ and ‘PR Agency’.


OK, back to the three questions and what I’ll call topline answers.

What is the best way to grow my advertising agency?

Every advertising agency has to grow. That may sound like a ‘duh’ but, believe me, only 60% or so agencies run, I mean consistently, run a smart business development plan. I’ve written on this before. Here are my main points.

You will eventually lose most of your clients. You have to have more clients coming in the front door than going out the back.

Most agencies do not have a business plan. Simply put, these agencies have not done the hard work of thinking through what they are selling, to whom and how they should price their offer. I see this in action because many agencies will go after any client that raises their hand. Most agencies will pitch whatever comes over their transom. I’m sure you are saying, “Not us.” But, that is probably BS because I’ve seen both large and small agencies rationalize why they should waste their time pitching the wrong clients. A bet: show me the clients you’ve pitched in the past couple of years and I can probably show you that you wasted your time pitching one-third of them. Read More »

Crazy Data Or CRAZY Data

I’d Say CRAZY Data

This is what is going on in crazy data-land every minute on the Internet (well, much of it. Domo left out PornHub.)

This has many implications. One is that the clients your agency is trying to attract via social media and content are, um, distracted.


San Miguel de Allende Favors Are Good

Favors Are Good – Favores Están Bien

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 3.05.48 PMI live in San Miguel de Allende Mexico. It’s a very famous town these days thanks to articles like this #1 city in the world kinda crazy thing from Travel & Leisure.  I guess that this is a good thing, a favor to us, but hey, the Centro traffic can get a bit out of control on weekends.

OK, here is my favor request. Come on down and take a photography class from my friends at Seek Workshops. You’ll get two benefits – you will wind up taking better photographs and they’ll give you an insider’s look at San Miguel. From Seek:

Our one-week intensive photo workshops in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico will challenge you, inspire you, and lead you to new creative directions in your work. Explore our offerings for 2017-2018—ranging from Documentary and Street Photography to the Zen of Seeing— and prepare to evolve. In addition to our workshops listed here, we offer individual mentoring and one-on-one instruction.

As one of the primary benefits of being based here in San Miguel full-time, we can also create a wide range of customized workshop experiences to accommodate your group’s travel schedule.

Head over to Seek’s website and get one more bene… You’ll see a sweet video about Anado Mclaughlin and The Chapel of Jimmy Rae by the National Geo photographer & filmmaker Bob Krist. Yes, the chapel is otherworldly. But, that’s what living at 6,000 feet and drinking lots of mezcal will get you. If you do come down, I’ll do you a favor and I’ll show you a sweet mosaic that Anado did in my house’s courtyard. You also do yourself a favor by actually visiting the Chapel of Jimmy Rae… you will never forget this psychedelic art experience.

If for any reason the video is taken down, go here.