How To Win New Business

Yes, How to Win New Business

me me mistake copy jpegNow, I am not so, um, naive to say that all it takes is to get out there with a compelling message and then go for it. But, guess what… all it really takes is to get out there with a compelling message targeted to the right people at the right time – a message that is unique to your business and is difficult to ignore because it goes right to the heart of an issue that is keeping your prospect up at night.  There, I said it. Let me put it another way and I’ll coin it as…

SSP: Smart Sales Pressure. 

OK, one more piece of advice. We all (and I mean all of us) make mistakes that kill pitches and deals. As you might suspect, being conscious of these mistakes is rather important to avoiding them.


Here is the poster of the 12 mistakes that I outline in my book. For your viewing (and hopefully humorous) pleasure:


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