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Resources: Now What? Life After Advertising

Is There Life After Advertising? Yes, there is life after advertising. Since you will most likely age out of this business by 45, it might be a good idea to start to think about what else to do. I became, surprise, a business development consultant for aspiring advertising agencies. I spend about a third of […]

Should Your Advertising Agency Blog?

The Advertising Agency Blog? Worth The Effort? You know all about blogging so I won’t go down the pedantic click-bait road of using a headline like: “24 Unbelievable Reasons That Your Advertising Agency Should Blog”. But, do you actually know if your advertising agency should blog? Here are the pros and cons and a path […]

My 500th & Most Valuable Advertising Blog Post About Saatchi

Wowzer – This Is My 500th Blog Post I  started blogging a few years ago to help promote my ad agency Citrus. We were early and, I have to admit, the blog world was a bit less crowded in the mid-2000’s. Today with over 3,000 marketing services blogs, agency blogs have to work a lot harder […]

Six Ways Ad Agencies Are Winning New Business

Six Ways Ad Agencies Are Winning New Business Here is a headline from a 2009 Advertising Age article: By the way, am I the only one confused by AdvertisingAge / AdAge branding. Which is it? “Six Ways Ad Agencies Are Reeling in New Business Now  Some Novel and Tried-and-True Tricks to Snag Accounts in Recession” I […]

Does SEO Work – For Advertising Agencies?

Does SEO Work For Advertising Agencies? A Look At In the interest of transparency… here are some of my very own blog numbers. The Big News: Blogs that pay attention to SEO work to drive sales. A great deal of the advice I give my advertising agency clients that want to run sharper lead […]