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Watch As Canada Pitches Clinton & Trump

Canada Pitches Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump I have worked with a few Canadian advertising and digital agencies on their business development programs. I even went so far as to learn Canadian. Even looked at a map of Canada. Note: my personal research indicates that 94% of USA citizens cannot find Toronto on a North American map. For some […]

The Advertising Agency Pitch System

The Advertising Agency Pitch System The Levitan Advertising Agency Pitch System is included in the book, The Levitan Pitch. Buy This Book. Win More Pitches. Just in case you haven’t looked up yet, the book is available at the top of this page. A few thousand books have been read by your competitors — and some […]

Advertising Research Tools

How To Win New Advertising Accounts With Research I am a research junkie. I think it comes from having started my career at Dancer Fitzgerald Sample, a huge NYC agency that excelled at consumer research and had a range of proprietary tools all managed by a multi-person research staff. And then, a couple of years at […]

Write Your Advertising Agency Book

My Books Make Me Happy This post was generated by my smiling at Powell’s Books. See why below. I’ve written two books. Both are self-published on Amazon as a book-book and eBook. The first, Boomercide: From Woodstock To Suicide was my training-wheels book. It is about using suicide as a financial planning tool (OK, and a deep […]

What Does Your Advertising Agency Charge?

What Does Your Advertising Agency Charge? There, I’ve said it twice. Why? Because if you are an agency owner or partner or business development director or creative director and you have no clue how to charge for your advertising agency’s services, you are way screwed my friend. As an agency owner and CEO, I participated in […]