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How To Win An Advertising Award

Go Win An Advertising Award It took me awhile to fully understand the value of winning an advertising agency award in the in the context of business development. Yes, I know, I should have figured this out a lot earlier. Especially, when you consider that I ran business development at Saatchi & Saatchi in the days […]

The Best Advertising Ever

Volkswagen: The Best Advertising Ever. Period. Best advertising ever? OK, one of the best advertising campaigns – ever. No question. This legendary campaign from the Mad Men days and Doyle Dane Bernbach was, well, fucking brilliant. Great strategy, lean approach, super fine copy (read it oh ye content writers), art direction and photography. These ads were […]

This Portland Ad Sucks

This Portland Ad Sucks (Or, Um, Screws Up) I don’t usually write about poor advertising. There is simply too much of it. However, this ad for Hawthorne Cutlery, a Portland knife shop, caught my attention. In fact, I assume that catching my attention was what the shop intended. However, boy did they fuck up. Pulling […]

Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Ad Clutter & Urinals

Planes, Trains, Automobiles & Urinals = Ad Clutter I was in New York recently and noticed, actually re-noticed and re-noticed, that advertising messages are everywhere. This hit home when I went to a restaurant urinal after a fine lunch and had to face an ad, you know, one of those framed ads. Not very high tech […]

Nike Does Jeter Right

Another grand slam for Nike and Portland’s Wieden+Kennedy. This time its for my real home town Yankee’s Derek Jeter. This might be the only thing that will make most New Yorkers cry.