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Is Your Ad Agency Special?

The “Special” Ad Agency Wins I’ve written about the need for creating ad agency differentiation if an agency wants to excite and win new clients… (I know, I know, you know that I know that you know how important having an agency  positioning that stands out is.) But, most agencies do not seek a high degree of […]

Smarter Advertising Agency Business Development

How To Build A Better, Smarter Advertising Agency Business Development Program WARNING: This is a long blog post about how to build a better, smarter advertising agency. Actually, this is Part One of an even longer post. It is a looong post for a couple of reasons. This is a transcript of a 40-minute interview […]

4 Advertising Agencies That Get Video Marketing

Does Your Advertising Agency Get Video Marketing? You know video is a powerful marketing platform. You know that people absorb more information from videos than from reading (Why? Maybe it’s our 2016 style mobile phone-driven ADHD…) You know that video sells because you remember how much those mini shoe demo videos did to increase Zappos’ […]

Should Your Advertising Agency Blog?

The Advertising Agency Blog? Worth The Effort? You know all about blogging so I won’t go down the pedantic click-bait road of using a headline like: “24 Unbelievable Reasons That Your Advertising Agency Should Blog”. But, do you actually know if your advertising agency should blog? Here are the pros and cons and a path […]

Seen The WPP Worldview?

WPP’s Worldview — Too Wide? How do we wind up by ‘accident’ in unintended places on the Internet? It often (very!) seems soooo random. I just stumbled upon WPP’s PR site on a quiet Sunday when I should be somewhere else and saw the following chart that gives the WPP internal corporate view of their […]