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Mary Meeker & The State Of Internet

Mary Meeker – Internet Trends Report Just in case you haven’t seen Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends 2017, here it is. Highlights include (care of Quartz): Smartphone shipments have continued to slow, with only 3%year-over-year growth from 2015 to 2016. Global internet use continues to grow at 10% year over year, with 3.4 billion people on […]

The ADD & ADHD Marketing Advantage

The ADD & ADHD Marketing Advantage You are in the marketing communications business. Your brain has to move at warp speed given today’s fast-paced digital marketing options. You have to juggle one or more intense client requirements and needs. Everything is coming at you. This is OK and you really dig it. You like the […]

Digital In 2017

  107 Slides On What Is Coming In Digital in 2017 Good stuff and some sweet facts. Read on. Share the best tidbits with your clients. This report is from Simon Kemp. If you want the whole enchilada, go right here. His words… If you’re looking for more in-depth numbers, the following 19 presentations are probably […]

Will Marijuana Get Advertising Agencies High?

Will Marijuana Get Advertising Agencies High? This is an update to a post I wrote in July, 2015. I must admit that I was right then that marijuana will get advertising agencies high. High as in offering a brand new multi-billion dollar product category that needs agency services. All of them – product design, PR, […]

Death Of The Brand?

Death Of The Brand… What Does This Mean For Your Advertising Agency? Watch this  L2 video on 2017 predictions. What does it mean for your advertising / digital / design / PR / experiential agency? I know…. these predictions are both an opportunity and a big problem. I’d grab the opportunity (I love pain points) and […]