B.S. – Millennials Want Mobile Video Ads To Be On Every Device

A Headline From ADWEEK: “Millennials Want Mobile Video Ads to Be Short and on Every Device”

voice-snyder-mobile-ads-hed-2015I know it’s Thanksgiving week and I should be in the spirit. But, I saw this headline and could only laugh at the insanity. The insanity of saying, get this…

Millennials Want Mobile Video Ads to Be Short and on Every Device

The key insane word is WANT. Millenials do not want “Mobile Video Ads to Be Short and on Every Device.” Why does ADWEEK perpetuate this B.S. (like who wants ads all over the place?) I don’t, you don’t and Millenials don’t. Headline copy like this does a major disservice to the advertising industry. I’ve written about the insanity of advertising ubiquity here.

logoOK, last point. The article that follows this headline does not even support the headline’s point. Read the article by Yahoos Andrew Snyder here. The article is about what works not what is wanted.

Happy Thanksgiving. I know you want that!

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