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Is There Too Much Advertising Agency New Business?

Advertising Agency New Business Clutter Is Insane Five words that do not fit well — advertising agency new business clutter. Muchos años ago when I was running new business development at Saatchi & Saatchi, Advertising Age erroneously, stress erroneously, wrote that our stock brokerage client Bear Sterns was about to look for a new advertising agency. […]

The Internet – A New Discovery

The Internet – Great Music I’m heading to Mexico City for a few days. So, here is something to keep you busy. It’s about the Internet. I discovered The Internet in 1994. I had been working in Saatchi’s London office. An office sans any discussion of the Internet, or better yet digital marketing platforms like CD-ROM’s (look […]

The Ultimate Advertising Agency List

How Do Clients Find Your Advertising Agency? Think List. There are multiple ways that a prospective client will find an advertising agency. These range from very aggressive agency outreach to highly intelligent outreach (yup, two different approaches) to your inbound program to your agency reputation to being on the radar of search consultants to simply getting found […]

Does Your Advertising Agency Do Content Marketing Right?

Is Your Advertising Agency A Savvy Content Marketer? I’ve read acres of advertising agency content (blogs, white papers, videos, on LinkedIn, etc.). Some rock and some suck. Many agencies, once they have stellar content, do not put in the effort to spread the wealth. As in, they do not amplify their brilliant thinking across a range of […]

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy

The News Today Stay with me on this post. The happiest part is at the end. I live in Mexico. Split from Portland, Oregon in 2016. Nice to live in what is a happy country (despite the shitty press Mexico gets in the USA). By the way, Mexico’s inbound tourism is up. Nice to earn a […]